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Why Choose us?

Why buy from us?

Well for starters everything we sell is covered by a 30 day guarantee.

Being a second hand shop we never know what we will have from one day to the next, avoid disappointment, pop in and see the ever changing stock.

Why sell to us?

Selling to us is a bit like that national car buying advert, you may well get a little bit less for your item, but all you have to do is send us a picture with the make, model and a brief description of the item and we will get back to you with a price. As long as we agree on that price you can either pop it into store, or collection is available, and get some cash!

Non of those annoying texts or phone calls from someone who just seems to want to waste your time!

If like me, you're a keen recycler, help me not have to buy and carrier bags, click the button to let me bore you a little.

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